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grant to pay for medical bills

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go to your hospital billing office and apply for assistance. They will look over your bills, income etc,and write off the amount left owed. Some states require that you only pay 2% of the bill each month, but you must pay it on time, and can't miss a payment.


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Seeking a grant for urgently needed cervical A.D.R surgery. Medical insurances offer only denials. Auto insurance carrier offers pennies when dollars are needed.Two years litigation have yet to produce necessary funds.My time is running out before permanent spinal and nerve damage done. I need a miracle. I need the funds to have this surgery.Hit by three cars while stopped at a signal light, severe neck injury sustained, insurances companies passing the buck, and I can no longer feel my hands.  Please contact me if you can help. Thank you greatly!


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I am a single mother living off of a $28,000.00 a yr salary job. On October 18, 2008, my 15 yo daughter fell 35 ft off of a bridge into 13 inches of rocky water. Emily was life-flighted to a level one trauma hospital, which is two hours away from where we live, and underwent five surgeries in only thirty days. She almost lost her foot as the doctors had talked about amputating it. I had to take three months off of work to care for her as she was bed ridden. Afterwards, she went through almost four months of physical therapy. She walks with a limp and probably will the rest of her life but we all are just so thankful that she is still with us. Emily has racked up around $250,000 in medical bills and my insurance has been pretty good, however, with my salary, I'm having a terrible time trying to pay the $20,000 I am being billed for. Is there any help out there for me?

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Medical bills are outrageous. I keep seeing how medical bills and costs, and insurance premiums, that everyone needs to pay keep going up by 10% per year. That is twice the rate of inflation. That is not right. Pretty soon no one will be able to pay for medical bills, and we all will incur medical debt. And what is even worse is that millions of people do not have insurance. The system is clearly not working.

There are ways to get help though, from the government, companies, and other organizations. For example, Consumer Reports says people can have 90% success rate in contesting medical bills. Medical bill advocates can save people thousands of dollars. There are sites that will find errors and tell you what the costs should be. You can  consolidate credit cards to lower rates. I found this site has ways to get help on medical, and other bills as well.

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BLOOMINGTON HOSPITAL, Bloomington IN. IS GOING TO CHARGE MY FIANCE $14,000 FOR AN APPENDECTOMY!, this going to take away all but $4000 of her life savings. She just graduated from IU was saving the money for her internship to get her rd liscences, she had just been dropped form her parents insurance because she graduated 3 months ago didn't pick up the cobra plan, since most of the places she was applying for require exprience which you can only get by work a no where job for $8.25 hr as a dietary clerk. I understand that there are no hand outs for people that can pay but once she does she's got 600 in rent, 280 in student loans, and will burn throw both our savings in less than a year if she gets her internship so she can go from making 18,000 (right out of college to get experience) to making $50,000 (using her college education once she completes an unpaid internship in another state after going through the matching system that doesn't involve anyone looking at her applications unless the computer ranks her high enough and she ranked her 10 choices that cost over $100 a piece for applying to work for free. Our healthcare system is going to turn her from someone the has the ability to pay to someone that will be able to get a grant for the rest of her life and use the tax payers money to do it. It'd be nice of the Bloomington Hospital  to work with us on the bill or be able to make installments. One hit die or lose your down payment on your future. Dreams to cashed in, hard work and savings gone one peice of paper all at the age of 22 with 5 years of college with degree wanted to become a dietition. What can we do?!?

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medical bill

We can get discounts on your existing medical bills.

 It is kinda like a grant, the discount can be considered a grant and then you just have to pay the rest.

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 in response to Arturo Pelaez...   

Try to apply for Charity Care.  Depending on your income/# of people living in your house/and assets (not including house you live in,car or furnitire) you may qualify for free or discounted care.  Visit UMDNJ in Newark NJ if you live there or any hospital in NJ for help.  I dont know about other states but google "charity care" and "your state".  I hope this helps someone.



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 in response to rsmitty3...   

This isn't a grant but it will save you money on surgery and treatment.  Go to to learn about our discount medical plans and hospital advocacy program.  The hospital advocacy program can help you if you still have an outstanding hopital bill of over $2,500.  hope that helps.  Let me know if you have any questions!  Best wishes, Rosie  ps - Since you are both in real estate you might want to consider working together with my team.  You can see if it's a good fit for you at

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You can save a lot on your future medical bills and outstanding hospital bills by becoming a member of Ameriplan at  Let me know if you have any questions about our discount plans.  Best wishes, Rosie

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 in response to RAK...   

This isn't a grant but it will save you money on surgery and treatment.  Go to to learn about our discount medical plans and hospital advocacy program.  Let me know if you have any questions!  Best wishes, Rosie

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 in response to rsmitty3...   

Dear Rich, so sorry to hear about your condition.  I am swriting because my son has the same back condition and can't hardly walk right now and is on pain med.  He is self employed and has no insurance.  We are trying to find out how he can get the surgery done asap without going through the whole long, drawn out, Medicare system which could literally take months.  I've heard about people getting grant money to pay for medical surgeries.  Do you or have you gotten any info that you could share.  Best wishes for a good recovery. rak

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have cancer, excessive medical costs and bills piling up can i get help

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Iwould love to see what lifehands can do for


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 in response to LifeHands...   Sounds great! I need help paying for my NeuroFeedback treatment. It's for my ADD. But the website dosn't work ;( Not sure how it would help at the moment.
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Hello to all that are in Aidpage!  I will be honest and frank.  This is a last resort and attempt to find someone or something to help me and my family.  My wife and I were married on January 3rd of 2003.  Shortly after this I injured my back while excercising.  I hurt my back very badly and just sort of dealt with the pain for the next 6 to 7 months.  Luckily my wife and I had purchased health insurance.  Since both of us were self employed our payment was very high and we did not have very good coverage.  My lower back and left leg began to hurt so badly that I finally went and saw a doctor.  They had said that I had a bulging disc in the L5 S1 area of my back.  This disc was pressing up against my sciatic nerve and was causing horrible pain.  I had 3 different times that I had went in and had a shot of cortisone which did not work at all.  So for the next few weeks I had to live on Vicatin pills.  I took 4-5 pills per day just to exist and get thru the day.  In late July I was working and when I twisted to turn around I almost dropped.  I had such a rush of pain that I dropped to my knees and almost started crying.  I had to have my brother drive me home while I rode home laying in the back of my pickup.  The next day I saw a spine doctor and they told me that I had to have surgery to fix the problem.  I did so and when I woke up from the surgery the pain was completly gone.  After a week I was outside doing some things and bent over and again the disc slide out and the same horiffic pain dropped me to my knees.  I had to go back and get a 2nd surgery.  After the second one I pushed myself to take it easy for 3 months before I did anything so that it would heal properly.  Well the doctor bills added up and since I was not able to work and my wife only made a small amount a month we began to recieve the bills from the various doctors.  I managed to rack up around $14,000 in which we owed not to mention what the insurance paid for.  Well in 2006 we had only approximately $1,250 left of the $14,000 and then we had our 1st child which then made that $1,250 pushed back up to around $11,000.  Please note that we have also been paying for our over $60,000 in school loans all this time.  We also bought a home almost 2 years ago and got taken with our home loan that we are paying $2,600 per month along with health insurance that ran $450 per month and then an additional $400 or so for school loan payments along with $450 per month for our doctor bills that we continue to pay.  Well since both my wife and I are in real estate we have barely stayed afloat the past few years.  At this point we have not been able to afford to make our home payment and are in pre-foreclosure, and on the boarder line of filing bankruptcy.  We barely make it each month and have continued to pay our obligations even though we are loosing our home.  I don't believe in filing bankruptcy so we are trying to make this work.  I just heard that there are many ways to find help with grants to aid people in my situation.  My wife and I were for the most part good stewards or our money but have just had really bad luck over the years.  I am just looking for someone to help my family and I stay afloat and if possible help find some grants to either payoff the dr bills or at lesast help pay down our school loans and doctor bills to make our life a little bit better.  Thanks for reading my story and I hope someone will have some direction for me to take.


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Could you please provide more info about LifeHand organization and its offer, like IRS Tax Exempt Charity EIN, address, phone and how the organization is helping people. It is an interesting offer. Thank you.

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LifeHands - a new non-profit charity is looking for people that are having problems paying their medical bills because of emergency, chronic or other medical conditions that their medical insurance provider will not cover all or some of the costs and this has put a financial burden on you or your family.  Also if your provider has canceled your insurance due to your ongoing condition and this has put a financial burden on you.  You must have insurance or you must have had your insurance canceled due to your condition.We are looking for the answer to many of your questions and believe we can come up with the funding sources to help.  This is a start up so the process is going to be very slow at first but we know LifeHands can help.  Please contact me at


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